EAB Digital Ad Campaign

This year EAB launched a large scale, top of funnel, social media brand awareness campaign. This campaign showcases the message of who EAB is as a company, what the company is about and highlights different program blogs and deliverables to funnel. I worked alongside a Digital Strategist colleague to design, strategize and implement this campaign.

In total, I produced over 100 different ads to use throughout the next six months.


Picking a concept

An interesting aspect of this campaign is we used A/B testing to pick a design concept. I pitched multiple options, and myself, as well as key decision makers, were torn on a direction. We let data decide, and ran a three day A/B test to determine the overall design direction.


A/B Testing

Aside from choosing a design direction, we worked to A/B test a variety of brand elements to gain data what viewers typically are attracted to in our brand. We tested everything, from color usage, text, button styling, photo usage, logo usage.